Fonts for Palm Springs
Cover image from the Adobe Stock free library

Fonts for Palm Springs

The renowned destination for the stars and desert oasis, Palm Springs, has a strong mid-century modern design aesthetic which is truly something to behold. I’ve been lucky enough to visit a few times and like many others adore it. Continuing the ‘Fonts for...’ series, I thought I’d introduce a new subject of ‘places’. Of course these are all somewhat subjective suggestions but my aim is to capture the essence of a city/country etc and share some font inspiration you might use if you wanted to emulate that vibe.

Let’s dive in!

Mostra Nuova

Mostra Nuova from Mark Simonson Studio was inspired by Italian Art Deco graphic design from the ’20s and ’30s. It’s a bit like Futura turned up to 11 and has a bunch of variety in flavor across the weights.

Filmotype Lucky

Lucky from Filmotype is remastered from the original ’50s designs around the peak of the MCM movement so could well have been used at the time.


Barbieri from Retype brings a funky twist with its off-kilter angles.

Beverly Drive

I can’t get enough of Beverly Drive from Hoodzpah (and the right slanting version). This oozes the vintage flair.

Quiverleaf CF

Quiverleaf from Connary Fagen has wonderfully undulating strokes which bring such a touch of class. The numerous ligatures also amp up the fanciness which is exactly we want to do in Palm Springs.


Rocket from CabargaType is bringing the vintage car vibes.

Bodega Sans

Bodega Sans from Greg Thompson has those great extended and low crossbars in the capitals bringing a hit of Art Deco to the party.


Obviously I couldn’t just pick one script font, but Lakeside from Mark Simonson Studio would be the only if I had to.

Modula Round

Module Round from Emigre is a rounded condensed sans serif (at least in the regular style, it has a bunch of other avant garde styles too) which feels spot on for some fancy looking signage you might see around town.

Crayonette DJR

Crayonette from DJR is perhaps a bit of a wild card here but it has so much pizzazz that totally lives up to the Palm Springs name.

Let me know if there are other places you’d like to see font inspiration from. See you by the pool!