Fonts I’m loving rn: December 2023
Cover image from the Adobe Stock free library

Fonts I’m loving rn: December 2023

Each month I pick out 3 fonts I am, well, loving right now. Here’s a special edition for the last month of the year — the fonts used in the Make Type Work branding! I’m a big fan of breaking the rules when it comes to typography, especially when it comes to ‘only using two fonts’. For the MTW logo I combined 3 fonts (well 6 if you include the smaller details too!).


Coniferous from OH no Type Co. is a clean connected script based on the signage at American National Forests. Fonts replicating the routed wood feeling is one of my favorite niche categories of type, they always bring such a nostalgic vibe. I really dig this one.


Acumin (Variable) from Adobe Originals has been around for a few years at this point and has become a real go-to. The newer variable version enables full control of the styling across the axes which is very helpful when it comes to pairing with other fonts in logo designs.


Grad from Mark Simonson Studio is another of my absolute favorites. It’s a reimagining of Century Schoolbook and always gives me a bit of a cleaner ITC Clearface vibe too. As well as using it within the logo it features as the main heading font on the site.

Bonus fonts:

June Expt Variable from Fer Cozzi, Source Code Variable from Adobe Originals, Ohno Fatface from OH no Type Co. also all feature in the logo (Ag, interrobang, and manicule respectively).

Also Nitti Grotesk from Bold Monday is used for body text on the website, I think it works pretty great for both UI and longer runs of text!