Fonts I’m loving rn: August 2023
Cover image from the Adobe Stock free library

Fonts I’m loving rn: August 2023

A little reminder that in this series I share three fonts which I am just itching to talk about. I spend a whole bunch of time admiring fonts as part of my work at Adobe and these have caught my eye this month. I hope you get to try these out in your upcoming projects!


Norman from Resistenza is a high-contrast serif with a Variable and Stencil version available. The Variable font has a weight axis to let you fine tune exactly how bold you would like it, and is jam packed with fun ligatures and alternate characters. This feels very of the moment in terms of trends, but also if you stick to the default less ornate forms its refined enough to feel ‘classic’. The Stencil verison would be so great for big environmental graphics.


Limon from Typesenses is a collection of hand-drawn style fonts with a script and an all-caps serif paring. These would be perfect to bring a more organic, human element to your designs. I immediately either see this being perfect for small businesses or for wedding invitations etc where you want to keep that personal touch. Whether for menus, labels, branding, invitations, signage, etc Limon stands out as a well made example for the times you want a more ‘lettering’ feel.


I love a good rounded font, and well Freude from Typejockeys might just be my new go-to. The fact that the name means ‘joy’ in German just about sums it up really. Freude is so whimiscal in looks, but also very versatile in its uses given the smart use of alternate characters, extended characterset, and even small caps!

Have any fonts caught your eye this month? Let me know which, or if you get to take these for a spin!