Fonts I’m loving rn: November 2023
Cover image from the Adobe Stock free library

Fonts I’m loving rn: November 2023

I’ve been away for a lot of the month but that hasn’t stopped me thinking about fonts! Here’s your monthly dose of fonts which I’m loving right now.


Mikrobe from Elefonts came to my attention as one of the more popular additions to Adobe Fonts from earlier this year. It’s a variable font originally designed for book covers. The square counters and bold weight give strong sci-fi vibes to me, and you can customize the width with the variable axis. I really dig the notched cuts into the shapes to form the characters.


Henriette from Typejockeys has potentially my favorite interrobang of all time. It has 20 styles available on Adobe Fonts in a regular and compressed width. It’s a very thoroughly made family which would lend itself well to editorial work, longer text, or even more sparingly for headings where its idiosyncrasies shine.

Aesthet Nova

Aesthet Nova from The Northern Block finds a great balance of bringing the personality from typefaces like Cooper but is refined enough to feel distinctly less casual. I’ve been able to put this to use and it’s great to work with for branding.

I’d love to know what fonts have caught your eye recently!