Fonts I’m loving rn: October 2023
Cover image from the Adobe Stock free library

Fonts I’m loving rn: October 2023

I’m always looking out for font inspiration and each month I highlight a few which for one reason or another have caught my eye. It’s handy to keep your favorites in mind for later when a new project comes around, so this is both my way of sharing and remembering a bunch of cool fonts for later myself!


Fer Cozzi’s Tomasa is so fresh and dynamic, blending the worlds of type and lettering in such a creative way. It oozes personality and with a number of alternate characters you can customize it as you please. This is a single font family and is dying to be used big for packaging or branding.

TT Ricks

When I think ‘sharp’ — TT Ricks from TypeType is what comes to mind! This condensed serif gives both a modern and vintage feel and if I ever have the change to design a murder mystery novel cover, I know what I’ll be using. The cute icons/emoji included are a fun bonus too.

Griffith Gothic

I feel like Griffith Gothic from Frere-Jones Type is one of those hidden gem families that doesn’t get as much use as it should. The family includes multiple weights, italics, and Condensed styles. It is a revival of Bell Gothic which was designed for use in small sizes and in poor printing conditions (note the thinning of the strokes at the connections, especially in the lowercase which were kept). This could make it a great choice for modern mobile screen designs too.

That’s the three for October! (Phew, got this one in just under the wire on Halloween).