Fonts I’m loving rn: September 2023
Cover image from the Adobe Stock free library

Fonts I’m loving rn: September 2023

Each month I use this series as an excuse to highlight some favorite fonts I’ve discovered, rediscovered, or been generally really digging recently. I’m constantly keeping my eye out for the latest trends and options I think could be useful to keep in my back pocket for later. No gatekeeping from me though, here we are with the fonts I’m loving right now.

PF Marlet Display

Something about PF Marlet Display from Parachute Typefoundry screams to me that it needs to be used for a fashion or makeup brand. At first it seems like a pretty standard high contrast sans serif, but it has a lot of quirky features packed in which keep drawing me back. Lots of alternate characters let you customize it to your pleasing, and the set of capitals which extend vertically up and down add an extra dimension. [Edit: oh hey I just realized this was originally designed for a Mexican cosmetics institute and well yes, 10/10 job there!]


Goldich from Bold Monday refers to the scientific method of predicting the weathering rate of minerals, and takes inspiration from the crystallization with the sharp gem-like features. It comes in 5 weights, each with italics, and has robust language support. It feels ripe for an architectural branding project where the stencil letterforms could come into their own with environmental graphics—cut out of a giant sheet of metal, or sprayed on the side of a fancy new building.

DiSpence Script

Sometimes legibility is not on the list of things you are looking for. You want impact, and a wow factor. Enter, DiSpence Script from Thinstroke. This definitely needs to be set BIG. The hairline thins of the strokes in contrast with the chunky inky thicks sets such a vibe for this script. It feels like how I might want to write (err, if I could write this nicely) after one too many glasses of wine, and be extremely pleased with the outcome.

September has been busy? Am I the only one? I hope it was at least filled with lots of exciting fonts for you. If not I hope these 3 will do the trick!