Gifts for typography lovers
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Gifts for typography lovers

Looking for presents for the font person in your life (psst, it’s ok if that’s you!), well you’ve come to the right place! Here’s a collection of font related gift ideas for designers and type minded folks alike. No affiliate links here, just things I either have or want to have 😂. Note, some of these items have limited international shipping.

1. Pt socks

If you’re ever in need of a modular scale to hand, or err foot rather, then these socks are the ones for you!

2. Type wrapping paper

Wrap up these wonderful gifts with some equally wonderful typographic paper!

3. Font of the month club

Long time subscriber of FOTMC here — this would make a great gift for any designer friend who you just don’t know what to get. Plus you get to support David Jonathan Ross, an incredible type designer and all round wonderful human. 3 month, 6 month, or 1 year options available as gift cards!

4. Ampershirt

From the latest endeavor of the talented and beloved Jessica Hische (her new brick-and-mortar store!) comes the one true piece of clothing any designer must at some point own — the ampersand t-shirt.

5. Type tea towel

There’s not much left of the Heath Ceramics × House Industries but these tea towels would still bring the mid century modern vibes to any kitchen.

6. Cards + Stamps

Of course I couldn’t go without including something from the prolific Aaron Draplin who never ceases to amaze me with his talents. You’re going to need some cards to go with all the gifts, so they might as well look great.

7. Ampersand bottle opener

I’m surprised these aren’t being made anymore, but there are a few of them still floating around eBay up for grabs. These are wonderfully impractical but do indeed open bottles. I love mine.

8. Typography poster

An updated take on the classic typographic vocabulary design in a poster form from Hoodzpah. SoCal represent!

9. Friends riso print

A helpful reminder from the brilliant Kyle Letendre for when work’s getting you down. Top notch lettering too.

10. Fonts pennant

Adorn your desk or shelves behind you in video calls to proudly announce to your meetings that yes, you are in fact a designer! (Wow, no I don’t totally do that one, ahem.)

11. KERN shirt

Wear this t-shirt with pride and you’ll make fast friends with those in-the-kno, and likely draw some blank faces from everyone else! Dan Cederholm’s SimpleBits store is also chock-full of other lovely type base goodies so have a browse.

12. Typography kids book

Hyperactivitypography is a beautiful and meticulously designed book packaging a bunch of typography fun and knowledge into a childrens book form. In reality this one is probably more for the parents, but hey this one is too hard to pass up on. This book has been out for a few years but I rarely see it around. It looks like a few copies are still readily available via Amazon so don’t miss out.

Impress all your type minded designer friends with these gifts, check ✅