Fonts I’m loving rn: July 2023
Cover image from the Adobe Stock free library

Fonts I’m loving rn: July 2023

In this series I’ll share 3 fonts which I am, unsurprisingly, loving right now. No real deep meaningful reasoning behind the choices other than I spend a lot of time looking at fonts and these have caught my eye this month. For this inaugural post I have some real doozies for you—I hope you get to take them for a spin!


First up, Neighbor from ps Type. I’ve been using this for presentation decks since I came across the Black weight and love it for punchy headings. There are just so so many alternate characters to play with here that you can get such a breadth of different vibe options. It goes from very simple to completely funky and I think it’s the most fun when you play with different alternates within the same words (i.e. two different ‘a’s etc). It looks that some of the glyphs take inspiration from Paul Renner’s early drawings for Futura too, which I love as those aren’t typically available to use in the modern digital versions. The family has nine weights with italics for each.


As soon as Eight from CAST was added to Adobe Fonts our whole team was gushing over it. Its balance of vintage flair meets modern style is sheer perfection. The design draws inspiration from Eightball from the Visual Graphic Corporation in the early 1970s which had a slew of similar fonts throughout the ’70s and has been digitized a few times too. This version definitely captures the quirks but has also made it its own. It’s only available in the one weight, but I’d love to see this expanded with more options too.


Montecatini from Tipofili has to be one of the most enjoyable font names to say out loud. You can’t help but add some Italian pizzaz to it—and rightly so as it is inspired by early 1900s Italian travel posters. What can I say with this one, there is so much going on with all of the ligatures and I can’t get enough of it! With multiple weights and widths available too this would make such a great typeface for branding and advertising etc for all things after that European / Art Nouveau style.

Which fonts have caught your eye this month? Take a minute to favorite them so you can get back to them when you need!