New on Adobe Fonts (Fall 2023)

New on Adobe Fonts (Fall 2023)

This year we’ve had a whole bunch of spectacular new additions to the Adobe Fonts library, it’s hard to highlight them all but I’ve a grabbed a few of my favorites from the past couple of months. I’m consistently wowed by how many beautiful new additions we get, and especially loved the Autumn cohort this year. I’ll aim to do a recap like this each season to share some of the latest and greats fonts available with Creative Cloud.


Roca from My Creative Land gives me big Chobani era vibes which I am always here for — of course not all new takes on the classic soft serifs like Cooper and Windsor can be attributed to the yogurt rebrand but nonetheless. It comes with some fun swashes and alternate characters to up the personality and retro feel.


Chorine from PintassilgoPrints brings a totally different retro style with the seventies psychedelic feel thanks to the strong bottom-heavy stress. This screams to be used in a jazz concert poster to me.

Beverly Drive Right

Beverly Drive Right from Hoodzpah is a glorious mid century modern feeling connected script oozing with Palm Springs / Los Angeles flair. This has so much potential for branding and display use and multiple alternates enable great customization. I love this one so much, and even designed a custom address stamp for our house with it.

Megascope Variable

Megascope from DJR first started in his Font of the Month Club and is now available on Adobe Fonts. It’s inspired by ’70s Art Deco geometric sans serifs and uses perfect circles and 66° diagonals. The variable font features two axes — one for weight, and one for ‘scope’ which changes the size of the circular elements allowing you to really push the visual style.


Fabiola from Sproviero Type is a family which includes three styles — a thin caps, regular caps, and a script style. Combining them together gives you some readymade pairings and, as shown, a perfect chance to play with the Intertwine feature in Adobe Illustrator. The script is jam-packed full of swashes for you to play with.

Gyst Variable

Gyst from Phospho feels effortlessly trendy in both the upright and italics. The variable axis for weight allows you to fine-tune the style with the bolder range having more serif-like elements.

Sway Variable

Sway from ps Type packs in the personality and shape-shift from regular to reverse contrast with the variable axis. You also get control of the weight, and between these two axes you get such a different range of styles, it’s difficult to choose a favorite! Not only a new addition to Adobe Fonts but also released this year.


Kensington from Fort Foundry is another hot off the press family, this time designed by Jen Hood (of Hoodzpah). I think the best way I can describe this is that it feels like Franklin Gothic’s quirky British cousin? I won’t be mad if we see a lot of use from this one. I’m itching to try it out for something myself!

Farnham Display

Farnham Display (as well as Headline and Text) from Orange Italic is a contemporary take on Johannes Fleischman’s ‘transitional’ serifs from the late 1700s. Farnham was originally released 20 years ago through Font Bureau but is now available via Christian Schwartz’s own foundry. Don’t sleep on this addition, it’s an absolute workhorse family. The italic swash capitals are a lot of fun too.

There you have it, some of my favorite new additions to Adobe Fonts. Remember you can always check out the ‘newest’ view to see what has been added recently.