Fonts Monthly Ep.01
Cover image from the Adobe Stock free library

Fonts Monthly Ep.01

Welcome to Episode 1 of Fonts Monthly. Firstly I want to say a big ‘thank you!’ to all of you for signing up and supporting this new project since the start. I deeply appreciate you all.

I’ve been trying to kick this off for a little while at this point and was glad for the nudge from my pal Elliot when I mentioned that I was trying to start something after I read his ‘manifesto’, which really resonated with me. I’m a serial perfectionist and ended up putting in far too much time building out my theme for Ghost which the blog and newsletter run on (anyone notice the custom SVG illustrations which work with dark mode‽). Nonetheless, I’m so glad to now actually be sharing my love for all things type and writing for the joy of it. I hope to slowly building up something which resonates.

For the love of letters — TypeCon

A couple of weeks back I was lucky enough to attend this year’s TypeCon in Portland, Oregon. If you’re curious about what goes down at a type conference, check out my post with all my highlights.

Adobe Express brings in AI

E–‘dark blue and gold marble pattern background’ F–‘monstera leaves’ F–‘detailed ornate antique brass vintage trophy’ E–‘floral bouquet dozen roses photorealistic’ C–‘Aztec tiles ornate detailed’ T–‘Koi pond’’ S–‘matcha latte art’

The all new version of Adobe Express, an online easy and fast design tool, launched this month and with it brought an early taste of AI. ‘Text Effects’ is one such feature in which you can enter a text based descriptive prompt to apply a graphic treatment to your text (on top of whatever font you already have). Maybe this will be Word Art 2.0, but maybe it will become a whole lot more — that’s up to you all to decide. I wrote up some tips on how to get the most out of it.

Adobe MAX 2023

Coming soon — Make Type Work does Adobe MAX! This year I’ll be both giving a talk and hosting a workshop session. The talk will be all about Adobe Fonts and how to get the most out of it, while the ‘lab’ will be a hands on 90minutes learning about text in Illustrator and Express.

Thanks again for subscribing. I’d appreciate any opportunities you have to share the word about Make Type Work and am very open to requests for new posts (hit reply or drop a comment).