Fonts Monthly Ep.02
Cover image from the Adobe Stock free library

Fonts Monthly Ep.02

Wow, September has flown past and we’re already in October?! I’m a big fan of spooky season so that’s fine with me. Time to make the most of the Halloween tag on Adobe Fonts!

In this past month I was lucky enough to take a trip to Lisbon, Portugal and fell in love with the vibe of the city. The architecture, the wonderful tiles everywhere, and of course—the type! Such a mix of influences and mix of modern and deco styles can be found across the city. One of my favorite things to do is admire the type whenever I’m in a new city (which reminds me this time last year I was in Paris and did the exact same thing!).

Some hastily shot examples from Lisbon

A lot of the rest of the month was taken up with preparations for Adobe MAX so I didn’t get to spend as much time writing for the blog, but I’m very excited to get to attend another conference and get all that creative energy flowing next week!

Fonts for coffee

Talking of energy, did you know International Coffee Day was in September? (Also weirdly National Coffee day in the US a few days before). Well I happen to love both fonts and coffee so I asked myself the question “what fonts would I use for a coffee shop?” You can judge for yourself on the results.

Numa Café, also in Lisbon

Fonts which are also for coffee

Let’s look at how the pros are doing it, shall we? I stumbled across this marketing from Bluestone Lane Coffee over the summer and loved it so much that it made me start a new series called ‘making it work’, where I dissect the design decisions of real world typography examples to dig into what makes them great.

That’s all for this month, I hope Autumn is treating you all well so far and you get to use my favorite spooky font Shlop!